Little Pleasant Alice

Inspired by Lewis Carroll's second masterpiece "Alice, Behind the Mirrors", Voges stages a modern fairy tale, the initiation story of a young girl.

For the title, Voges was inspired by Lewis Carroll's little real-life great love, to which he dedicated his entire work: "Alice Pleasant Little".
"Little Pleasant Alice" is a modern comedy, a dance theater, a ballet that celebrates the fantastic. Sensual juxtapositions of man, plant, creature, girl, boy, humorously formulated. Thereby the normal seems dazzling, the extreme is simply there. Starting from the original theme, the tension between the female and male principle (anima & animus), aspects of these principles are formulated in "Little Pleasant Alice". They are given real-life characters. The media merge in Voges' familiar style and yet in a completely new way.

Music: Carl Hänggi, Zurich
Costumes: Branka Kokol, Munich
Light: Erik T. Schläger, Munich
Stage: Christoph Simons, Munich
Production: Bonger Voges

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Excerpt from the program LEO'S of the Bavarian Broadcasting Corporation