Duisburger Akzente

Kunstwelt e.V. Munich under the direction of Bonger Voges was the co-producer of "Duisburger Akzente 1991".

As part of the "Duisburger Akzente 1991", the world premiere of the production "Zarathustra" took place on the site of the former ironworks of Thyssen AG in Duisburg-Meiderich. At the end of the overall event and at the start of the IBA (International Building Exhibition), Voges, in collaboration with Rainer Wengenroth (Die Macht der Nacht), organized the grand closing ceremony with excerpts from "Zarathustra“.

Theater sensation in the blast furnace
... the gigantic project, which is funded by the Ministry of Culture, the Munich Cultural Department and various other sponsors, sets new standards on the site of the International Building Exhibition.
(Westdeutsche Allgemeine)

Great costumes, great performance: huge applause for Bonger Voges.
Heaps of Düsseldorf night noses were spotted, including Campino with more Toten Hosen and Andy Bacher (DV8). And when everyone had looked enough, there was a standing ovation for creator Bonger Voges.
(Prinz, Düsseldorf)

(c) Pressedienst Duisburg