Fetish and cult

"Revolution in Munich" was the title PRO 7 gave the festival in the program Explosiv


FETISH, the; fr. fétiche < portugis. feitico=magic(-drugs), proper (imitated) made lat. factielus = imitated, artificial, to: facere = to make) (ethnology): (fierce) object to which magical powers are attributed, subjectively, special meaning is attributed; idol;

CULT, the; 1. forms of religious worship; cons.: ancestor, fire, heroes, marian, sun, death cult. 2. respect, veneration, perceived as exaggerated.

CULT - (as a determiner) denotes what is named in the base word as something that corresponds to the taste of the time, with which the majority identifies emotionally and in which they find their wishes and ideas represented and realized, e.g. cult book, cult movie, cult figure.
(aus: DUDEN, Etymologie der deutschen Sprache)

FETISH AND CULT - for four weeks, from May 22 to June 25, everything in the temple will revolve around the artificially produced images of the gods. From the perspectives of different art fields, the festival will deal with the modern manifestations of religious, erotic, but also everyday dance around the phenomena of "fetish" and "cult".

As long as homo sapiens exists, the cult also exists. What was initially of religious origin and manifested itself in the cult of the sun, fire, ancestors and even the Virgin Mary has long since created its secular twin cult. James Dean is an absolute cult figure for some, but for others he's just a pompous snob who catapulted out of life in his Porsche. Barbie is a cult figure, Jim Jarmusch makes cult films, and Tempel is cult: dance, theater, exhibitions, performances, and parties with international artists are designed to confront visitors with idolatries, sensual addictions, artificially manufactured worlds, and the status symbols of our time, thus enabling them to engage with this theme in an entertaining way. Temple is fetish: Where cult appears, fetishes are not far away - no cult without magic means. No Merlin without a magic wand, no Gundelei without a broom. The exhibition accompanying the festival presents the fetishes of today: Erotomechanics by Oscar winner H.R. Giger, the XANAX Sexmachines, Claudia Böhm's photographic images of cult and ritual, and various film presentations on the subject.

Highlights of the festival will be, among others, the DRESSCODE GALA at the opening of the program, the European premiere of PENNY ARCADE with her dance group from N.Y. and the performances of the New York artist, whore and former dominatrix Annie Sprinkle, who tells from the extreme wealth of experience of her life and at the same time creates access to new dimensions of sensual experience in a charming way. An essential part of the festival will be events on the theme of CYBERSPACE in the form of shows, lectures and exhibition. The temple - for four weeks a place of pilgrimage for computer-obsessed, Barbie-impaired, for lacquer and leather freaks, dependent housewives, for sectarians and very, very normal people.

Bonger Voges

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