Since 1997, various exhibitions have been organized around the concept of THE ORACEL OF BERLIN or PLACE OF IDEAS.

Voges has been working for many years on the implementation of a public place in urban space and nature that invites people to face their questions and visions. Lightness and self-responsibility are central prerequisites of the concept.

For the presentation of the concept and the different realization approaches there were and are different exhibitions.
The closest partner of the vision is RA Kristijana Penava, Berlin.

THE ORACEL OF BERLIN - Visions begin with questions

Parallel to the history exhibition of the Kunstamt Kreuzberg, which Kunstwelt e.V. Berlin showed in its gallery at Friedrichstraße 246 between 1997 and 2004, the association also presented first drafts and plans for the installation THE ORACEL OF BERLIN.

Works of various well-known artists, who are involved in the oracle project, were exhibited. E.G.: Helge Leiberg, Udo Cordes, Elvira Bach, Berlin, Prof. Wienands, Munich, ...

The exhibition has participated, among others, in the Long Night of Museums, Berlin.

Many thanks for the kind support of Hermes Wohnen AG, Berlin

From 2004 to 2015, the exhibition was presented in the Kunstwelt Galerie at Friedrichstraße 4 under the title "VOM RONDELL ZUM BELLE ALLIANCE PLATZ ZUM MEHRINGPLATZ" with new exhibits and the plans for the urban art project PFAD DER VISIONÄRE as well as a new history exhibition newly created by Voges (see VOM RONDELL ZUM BELLE ALLIANCE ZUM MEHRINGPLATZ).

The exhibition was presented three times at EUROPAFESTIVAL-BERLIN and with exhibits at KUNSTWINTER BERLIN.

Many thanks for the kind support of GEWOBAG Wohnungsbaugesellschaft AG, Berlin.

For 2022, an exhibition on the project THE ORACLE OF MÄGDESPRUNG planned in Mägdesprung, Harz.